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We pulled off the Silverado Trail and into the Solage, which was lined with Mercedes, and no they weren’t the guest's cars, they were for the guests to USE! Wow, this is cool, really speaking my husband and I’s language! There was a style for everyone, from SUV to sedan, and hard top to CONVERTIBLE GT — WHAT?!?!?! The first thing we did was fill out the survey to qualify to drive these cars and booked the GT for the day. After the car was confirmed we checked in!

What a beautiful place, the lobby was modern and the people were lovely. There is a gorgeous pool, bocce ball courts, black beach cruiser (wine cruiser) bikes to use and an onsite spa!

We drove from the front lot to our villa which was really close - walking distance to the all of the amenities. We unpacked and then took off in the stylish convertible GT to explore before dinner!

Our Room

We stayed in a Calistoga King Studio, it was perfect for our visit. The room was spacious with the bed, a desk and two leather chairs facing a glass sliding door that opened up to a private patio, which had two oversized chair and a large table. You could walk around in a circle to access everything in the room, which made it a unique layout. There was a bar area, a separate commode, a bathtub and a walk in shower.

Solbar Restaurant

What a great restaurant! There is a beautiful outdoor area over looking the pool, lined with precision cut shrubs, scattered trees and heat lamps; the morning can be a little cool in the fall. The inside is very chic, with round chandeliers, curved velour benches, lofted ceiling and a fireplace, which drew us in both mornings.

We ate breakfast here two days in a row; we usually try to keep breakfast pretty plain and healthy, especially if we are on the road for more than a few days, but we decided to splurge a little! We ordered Brannan Street Breakfast two eggs any style, breakfast potatoes, pork sausages or bacon and the Brioche French Toast with whipped vanilla mascarpone cream, huckleberry compote, poached nectarine - a savory and sweet for balance.

Then the next day, ordered the Brannan Street Breakfast again, but this time got the gluten free lemon ricotta pancakes with blueberry syrup, toasted pine nuts —— WOW!!!! These were AWESOME - I wish we could eat them every day! Just fantastic! You must try these if ever at Solbar for breakfast!

The Spa | Cleanse, Nurture and Restore

The spa here is angelic! Decorated in all white, it is perfect for relaxing and starting to detox before your treatment. With windows surrounding the perimeter, just enough light comes in create the right temperature. You can help your self to fruit infused water and dried fruit and nut snacks. We really enjoyed spending time in this section of the spa!

Couples Mudslide (90 minutes)

What a fun experience to enjoy with your significant other or a friend! This detoxifying treatment consists of three parts: Mud, Water, Rest!

Part 1: Mud - a spa employee mixes up a container of detoxifying mud, personalized with your choice relaxation oil, you are then escorted your private steam room where you will then hand pant the mud onto you body, relax as it hardens and then shower it off, leaving you feel extra refreshed!

Part 2: Water - next you are picked up and guided to your next stop, this room consists of two bathtubs filled with hot water and a bowl of bath salt. In this step you soak, exfoliate & drink champagne! (Or at least that is what we did!)

Part 3: Relax - for this step you go to the third and final room, the room contains two high frequency vibrating chairs, each has a special blanket, weighted eye mask and headphones with relaxing nature music. After the spa employees gets you settled you can just relax and decompress, the sleep you get in this chair is nothing but REM!

After we completed the couples Mudslide treatment, we were off to the mineral pools! There were two geothermal pools, multiple cabanas and sun loungers spread out for you to enjoy. There were only a handful of other guests there when we went in the afternoon. It really is the perfect way to spend your day!

Solage was a great place to stay while visiting Napa and the surrounding area, it has everyone you could need to complete your vacation!

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