A luxury retreat in the Swiss alps!

Gorgeous. Villa Honegg is breathtaking. The resort is located in the mountains, you must drive 15 minutes up the mountain on switchbacks; and for those who have never done this it is a very cool experience! As you park you will hear a ringing, there are cows wearing bells behind a fence; which is so unique!

The property is a beautiful white building with blue shutters. The main entrance is lavish and the staff are ever so kind; speaking multiple languages. We were shown to our room, it was a corner room with a balcony and a view that was out of this world.


The room was a good size and had a sitting room and a sleeping chamber. There was a 1/2 bath off of the sitting room and a shower, bathtub and sink off the sleeping room. It was stocked with Hermes toiletries, slippers, robes and lots of towels! In the mini fridge there were beverages, chocolates and a fruit bowl on the coffee table. The room had multiple windows, overlooking a field of grazing cows & the mountains!


We took the elevator down to the patio, as you exit the hotel there is a rolling rack of faux fur jackets for the guests to use on the property. We walked out onto the patio, there are couches and chairs overlooking the most beautiful rolling hills and mountains. It was autumn when we visited, the leaves were starting to change color and were beautiful shades of yellow, orange and red!

We sat on the patio for hours taking in the view and drinking our Aperol Spritz, which were the perfect colored drinks, as they are orange as well. There are staff that check in with you often to make sure you have everything you want and provided the tastiest roasted and seasoned chickpeas!

Spa Area

The hotel had an indoor pool and and indoor entrance to the outdoor infinity pool. There were lounge chairs inside and out on the pool patio; each had fresh towels and the outdoor ones had an additional faux fur blanket to ensure their clients were comfortable.

Infinity Pool

This is the most beautiful pool we have ever seen! It was the perfect temperature, as the outside temperature was brisk. You could stay in the pool for easily one hour if not more. The pool was located on the corner of the hotel, in the shape of an “L”, overlooking the Swiss Alps. The view was incredible, even better than we anticipated.

The pool was busy, but never overcrowded.

Everyone there wanted picture/selfie of them with the beautiful mountains in the background; surprisingly everyone was very respectful of each other, letting each person have their turn.


Breakfast - was served with coffee, tea, juice, a tower of cheeses, meats and treats, and an entree of your choice.

Dinner - was delicious. The hotel offered a three course meal, with a stater, entree and desert. We had the ravioli and the salmon with roasted cauliflower both nights. They also provided a choice of an assortment of bread and at the end of the meal a box of bitesize deserts in a box to accompany the desert you ordered! There were multiple beverages to choose from, including champagne, wine, cocktails and beer. And after dinner drinks such as coffee, tea and/or a desert beverage!

We absolutely loved Villa Honegg and would go back in a heartbeat! It is great for people of all ages. It is one of the most beautiful and relaxing places we have ever been.

Thank you for such a lovely stay, one day we will be back!

Visit Hotel Villa Honegg at:https://www.villa-honegg.ch
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