As the most romantic island in the Caribbean, we partnered with the Aruba Tourism Authority to experience all the island has to offer for couples looking for their next romantic getaway. Aruba is the perfect setting for romance, whether it’s for an engagement, wedding, honeymoon or in our case, renewing our vows at the Third Annual Vow Renewal Ceremony on Eagle Beach.

Our Hotel (The Hilton Aruba)

The hotel has an open-air lobby with everything you could need. There is a great little coffee shop with sandwiches, pastries, beverages, wine & beer along with other snacks! Next to that is a cute boutique with everything you could need for a day at the beach. There is even a Hertz rental car desk there too, which makes for a perfect way to explore paradise!

The Hilton sits right on the beach and has tons of palapas that can be reserved for the day! The water is crystal clear and beautiful shades of turquoise as the sun shines on it! If you are more of a pool person don’t worry there are amazing pools on site all surrounded by palm trees, hammocks and beach loungers.

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As you walk around the property you will see small iguanas (so neat!) and a special atrium that houses multiple tropical birds, including: Macaws, Parrots & Cockatoo! There is a bird handling hour where the bird keeper will allow you to have the bird on your shoulder for a picture, which makes a perfect keepsake souvenir!


Our room was great, we stayed on the 8th floor and had a balcony. The room was a nice size and had a great view of the ocean! There was a club lounge on the 8th floor too where you could get water, snacks and more!

Coconut Oil Massage (Hilton Spa)

The spa is very relaxing and smells amazing! When we entered we were given a tour of the facility. There are male and female locker rooms, each has a steam room, cold plunge pool and relaxation area inside. There is also a main relaxation area in the center of the spa, it is outdoors and the perfect place for a couple to enjoy together. There are two pergola’s with seating and a ceiling fan above.

We lingered here until they were ready to take us in for our massage. We entered a nice cool room that smelled like lavender. The massage was wonderful, they use lots of coconut oil which I just loved. This is the perfect way to start, end or break up your day and enjoy your time on vacation together as a couple!

Sunset Grill

We really enjoyed sunset grill and ate here every night! The food was great and the menu had everything you could want, from ceviche to steak. We highly recommend both the Lobster Bisque with puff pastry and the Onion Soup…both were just delicious and the staff was fantastic! For drinks you can choose from a selection of tasty craft cocktails and a large wine list, what more could you ask for!

Mira Solo Bar

This swanky outdoor lounge is located right off the Hilton lobby, it is large with lots of seating, giving you the perfect breeze as you sit and sip your cocktail! You can order all types of mixed drinks and they have a variety of wine & beer to choose from. Mira Solo offers two happy hours daily, from 2-4 pm and then again from 6-8 pm. Go here to relax and unwind!

Vow Renewal Ceremony (VRC)

As the Caribbean’s largest vow renewal ceremony, this was such an incredible experience! The set up for this event was amazing taking place on Eagle Beach which has been rated the third best beach in the world! The beach is gorgeous, it is long and straight, the water is crystal clear and the sand is like fine white powder! The VRC had props set up everywhere, there was a Mr. & Mrs. Swing with flowers on the handles, a large white light up Aruba & I Do sign! Multiple arches and pergolas with flowers and curtains for the 200+ couples to take pictures in front of. It honestly was a once in a lifetime experience!

There were drinks, a champagne toasts and canapés! The ceremony started about 1.5 hours before sunset. All of the couples stood in a circle in the sand around the speaker, it was so cool to see, and we were lucky enough to have a drone so we captured a few aerial shots of this which made it even more special; to see a circle of love that big was spectacular!

After the ceremony, there were carnival dancers and drums that came out to celebrate with everyone. Later they opened up a dance floor with a DJ and everyone danced the night away! If you are ever planning to go to Aruba you should try to time it around this special event, which is FREE - you just have to sign up! Whether you’re newly married or have been for years, this event is perfect for everybody.

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UTV Adventure (Kini Kini Tours)

Kini Kini Tours really knows how to get the adrenaline pumping! Wow, this was my first time off-roading and boy oh boy what an experience! It is just like they show it on TV, we were cruising through the desert terrain, kicking up dust, wind in our hair, sand in our face, just having the time of our lives! Thank goodness for goggles and bandanas!

Our tour guide Alex gave us the best experience we could have asked for. He pulled out the best stops, an arch which we walked under and climbed on top of, a natural pool where you climb down a wooden ladder to get to, a few other awesome look out points where we flew our drone and lastly a cruise through a cacti path to see all the donkeys! Such a great experience and perfect for all the adventurous couples out there, go here if you are looking for a unique way to explore Aruba together and make sure to ask for Alex!

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Flamingo Beach at Renaissance Island (Renaissance Hotel)

This is such a one of a kind experience, it is not everyday you can be around flamingos. These beautiful, long necked birds are truly spectacular! We spent 1/2 a day at this beautiful beach and could have stayed longer.

We arrived at the hotel early in the morning to catch the shuttle over to Renaissance Island. It is about a 10 minute boat ride to get there. Once you arrive you can get towels, rafts, drinks & food. There is a machine that you can buy food to feed the flamingos, so be sure to bring some change!

Six flamingos live on the property and just stroll around the beach, they stay primarily at the shore line. It is so much fun to see them and take pictures with them. The next time you are in Aruba go here and say hello!

Sunset Sail (Red Sail Aruba)

This was a nice way to see the sunset. We set sail on a catamaran with about 50 other people. There was music, drinks and appetizers, it was fun! The sunset was beautiful, we were on the water for roughly 2 hours, which was the perfect amount of time to enjoy the evening and toast to a weekend full of love and romance.

We really enjoyed Aruba, there was so much to do here, it was so romantic and we definitely recommend it and can’t wait to go back! No matter what kind of romantic vacation you’re looking for, you’re bound to find it in Aruba, and you can start planning your trip today. Thank you Aruba for having us!

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